Customer Reviews

Victor installed an electrical sub panel to correct code violations of double and triple wiring of circuits in breakers that he discovered when he was here on another job. He also dug a trench outside and installed two grounding rods.

I can't say enough good things about Victor Libo and his work! I asked him for an estimate on correcting code violations in my breaker panel. He emailed me a proposal for my review and signature that had an itemized list of what needed to be done. This is the first time I can ever remember a contractor doing work in such a professional manner, and I truly appreciated it. I knew exactly what to expect, along with how much it would cost. It took two days for the work to be done, but only because he had to wait the second day for the code inspector to come - Victor did not charge me for the wait time. I observed him working, and he is very meticulous. He also had a drywall person come in and repair the garage wall (including texturing) and re-stucco a small hole in the stucco on the outside. I feel so much better and safer knowing everything is to code. He is the only electrician I will use from now on.

Mary S.

I was in need of some significant electrical panel and wiring work.  I contacted Libo Electric and left a message about my needs.  Victor called me back within minutes and a time, which met my convenience was setup.  Victor arrived early and reviewed my requirements and made some good recommendations on other items I had not thought of.  The estimated price was reasonable.  Work was scheduled to begin about 4 business days later as some parts required to be ordered.  Work started right on time and was completed ahead of the projected schedule.  The work done was professional all construction areas were cleaned up.  The price matched the estimate.

Victor took the time after work was completed to explain what was done and how I would use the new features.  The entire panel was relabeled and tested that everything was labeled correctly. My wife and I were both very satisfied with the work and the price.  I would highly recommend Libo Electric for any needs of my friends or family.

Bruce C.

I hired Victor to trouble-shoot a kitchen light that was not functioning. It turned out that I had a potentially bigger problem that would require some fairly extensive rewiring due to a very old low-voltage transformer switching system that was in rugged condition. Victor took the time to carefully explain the issue, took photos of the transformer in the crawlspace to show me the source of his concern and presented me with the pros and cons of proceeding or doing nothing. When I decided to move forward Victor gave me a realistic estimate, then worked hard to make sure the actual cost came in lower than that -- which it did.

The quality of his work was excellent. He even took the time to make sure all of the new switches he installed were vertically aligned. I've never seen an electrician take that much trouble to make sure things didn't just work right, but looked right too. As an added bonus, Victor was working during our teen-aged sons' winter break. He convinced my 12-year-old the help him out, which my son really enjoyed doing. Both sons said Victor was a really nice guy, and my wife and I agree. He finished ahead of schedule and under budget, I have new wiring that makes me feel like my family now lives in a safer house, and I feel like a I had a new friend! Anyone looking for an honest electrician who takes pride in his work and places a high premium on customer service will be happy with Victor.

Jeff B.

I was having work done on my home when my contractor discovered water damage done to a wall behind the electrical main coming into my home. I called Libo Electric & Construction and was able to get an appointment that day because we were trying not to hold up the other work in progress. Victor replaced the wooden back panel interface between the electrical main and the exterior surface leading into the garage. He made sure it was protected from the elements which is what the original builder hadn't done and had caused the problem. He had to disconnect and reconnect the power to the house a couple of times during the process. Victor worked with the contractor I already had at the house resolving my structural and electrical issue with minimal down time. I was without electricity for very little time, which my family greatly appreciated.

Everything went well. Victor had the knowledge and the equipment to complete the job very quickly with minimal interruption to our service. I have called on him  once since this service for different job and have no hesitation using his services again in the future. I highly recommend him.

Mike F.